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Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
environment for our economy and creating more jobs for the american people. that's where the focus is, not more government programs. >> ifill: the white house says if congress does not extend the program, 3.6 million americans will run out of benefits over the next 12 months. fast food workers walked off the job and held rallies today in a number of cities, demanding better wages. organizers said they want $15 an hour. the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and was last raised in 2009. president obama has called for raising the federal minimum wage, but prospects for passage in congress are uncertain at best. an arctic blast kept the northern plains in the deep freeze today, and spread east and south. parts of north dakota expected wind chills of 40 below zero. in denver, the bitter cold had crews de-icing airliners early this morning. snow arrived before dawn in wichita, while oklahoma and arkansas faced a possible ice storm this evening. britain and northern europe are facing what could be their most powerful storm in years. at least three people died today, as hurricane-
Dec 2, 2013 3:00pm PST
give the customer to someone else. a competitive environment this year is a very fierce and consumers will be the big winners. >> and you mentioned the continuing move on-line. so where are we now in this continuum of on-line versus brick and mortar shopping. where is the line now. >> well, most of the shopping still takes place on-line. but i'm sorry, still takes place in the stores. at least will 5, 90% of the shopping is in the stores for almost every category. a lesser product can be digitize like books or prerecorded music where the internet has a natural huge advantage. for everything else, 85 to 90% is still in the stores. but the stores are struggling just to stay flat while the internet is growing at 15 to 20% year after year, season after season. you heard some of those numbers on your preamble to this discussion. so the internet is growing. it's all the growth. meanwhile the stores are flat or declining and that shift is taking place gradually but certainly in the balance of power. >> brown: i know a lot of this battle is to you being fought over delivery, right,
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm PST
started early. >> the environment i grew up in, there was all kinds of music: hillbilly music and rockabilly, great gospel radio-- memphis had probably the best gospel radio-- and blues. and i liked any music that was from the heart, that had feeling, but blues sounded like how i felt. >> brown: what's that mean? how did you feel? >> well, i was a lonely kid. i didn't have any brothers and sisters. my dad had left and my mom worked. i was alone a lot. and blues is my comforter. >> brown: for ben harper, music was in the blood. his grandparents and parents all played and performed, and the family has owned a music store in claremont, california, since 1958. >> my roots were always in the home. my mom used to play in bands. she's a musician, great singer and picker. and my dad was a percussionist. and so, they'd have people over every night making music. and they'd put us to bed around 8:00. and then i'd wait until they were really cooking, and then, you know, where they wouldn't be watching for me, i'd sneak out of my room and sit under... hide under the piano bench. ♪ >> brown:
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
to say we provide a learning environment that is without the barrier of race or gender. and create an environment where the students will learn about themselves as individuals, not as categories in another context. but and will be able to experience themselves as empowered agents of change, ready for a future without limits. >> beverly daniel tatum, congratulations on your award. >> thank you so much, and i want to say how glad i am to be in such great company with richard broadhead of duke university, john hennessee of standford and michael-- of arizona state. congratulations to them as well. >> absolutely. thank you. >> woodruff: finally tonight, five leading artists were given their due for a lifetime of achievement last night at the annual kennedy center honors in washington. this year's group: jazz pianist herbie hancock, actress shirley maclaine, opera soprano martina arroyo, singer, songwriter billy joel and a rock star who came to this country as a teenager from mexico. jeffrey brown has our profile of carlos santana. >> brown: since his emergence in the san francisco music sc
Dec 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
than half of the vehicles sold in the united states. and so you have a very male environment selling vehicles to a very female audience. >> woodruff: nicky the other story we're following today is the report yesterday that the government sold its last shares in gm. this is four years after the federal government and a very controversial move bailed out this big automobile company. now that this has happened, where does it leave gm. are the lessons from this experience clear yet? >> well general motors now is an independent company again without government ownership. the u.s. taxpayer lost about 10 billion dollars on the deal and it was always understood from the beginning that there would be some moan that was never paid back by gm. where at least general motors is an extremely competitive automobile market. you know back ten years ago, 15 years ago general motors had about 30% of the car market. they now have about 18%. ford is very close behind them, toyota is close to them. so we have a market where the big shares that are decided up are much more equal than they were back in the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)